A Formed Path

I can’t tell you how much I miss to be here and write again.

But, I’m still on my way finding a somewhat-magical-healer. Sometimes, I feel funny because I don’t know exactly what kind of illness I’ve been suffering. The anger, hatred, blame everyone for everything… I’m not the person I used to be. All I want is to stop the hurt from hurting me…

Time will heal, they said. Well, it’s a very slow healer for me…

Of course, I didn’t mean to underestimate the power of prayer. But, imho, God always wants us to try, to learn, to struggle, so we can understand our life.

I do everything I can to cure my heart. But first, I need to define my pain. A doctor couldn’t give you an effective medicine if he/she doesn’t know the disease, right?

So, I took an online quiz – no, don’t laugh, I really did. And you know what? Those simple questions were determining all the feelings I kept inside. Questions that forced me to be honest to myself. Few minutes later, the result came to my inbox.

And the points are:

You fall into a pretty high category of pain. I understand this is an extremely difficult time, but there is still hope for you to feel better – and soon. Below is a quick summary of your results followed by a custom healing lesson which will start your healing today.

1 – You are suffering from Emptiness.
2 – You are experiencing the Reminder Syndrome.
3 – Negative thoughts.
4 – Loss of a possible soulmate.

Okay, the result might say the same things to every person who takes take quiz (I mean, who knows?). And I hate to admit it, but I guess those points are drawn toward my problems. Well, here’s the good thing: at least, I finally found a path to step on.

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8 thoughts on “A Formed Path

  1. CaLiWa says:

    “Time will heal everything, so give time more time..” Huahahaha kata orang ya, aku cm bantu nulis *sok gaya.com* btw quiz online nya dimana? Mau ngikut ah..

  2. fi says:

    your English is really nice, sist.. ^^
    visit my place please, adekfi.wordpress.com

    Yes, an undefined pain is very hard to tell..hehe..

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